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My First Solo Travel Experience

I consider myself as an epitome of a strong, independent woman.

Yes, I have been in a relationship for awhile now, but I don’t let my guy hinder me in doing the things that I’d love to do, especially travelling.

Travelling is my soul food. It’s the one thing that I will never get tired of. It teaches me how to be more of myself, it enables me to discover more of what the world has to offer. It breaks my bank account, yet it simply quenches my thirst for new adventures.

Recently, I was able to fulfill my goal of travelling solo at a completely unfamiliar destination. I went to Bangkok, Thailand. If you’ve been reading blogs, sample itineraries, or whatever article about Bangkok, you would know that it is considered as the haven of backpackers. And it actually is! I didn’t have a hard time roaming around the city since there are lots of motorbikes, taxis, and even grab (download the App) to hop on. The only problem I encountered was when the sim card I bought was incompatible to my mobile phone. I had no internet connection whenever I am not inside the hotel. It was crazy! I took the Airport Rail Link from the airport to the city and when I got there, I didn’t know which direction to go. I asked two guys, I think they were taxi dispatchers, but it was hard to comprehend what they were saying ’cause of their accent (oops, that’s actually another struggle). Luckily, someone who drives the motorbike approached me and offered a ride to the hotel which I booked. It was a cheap, yet a swift ride.

On my first day, I decided to visit the Grand Palace Complex, Wat Pho & Wat Arun. But before visiting those sites, I bought some food at the convenience store (7eleven) for my last full meal was my dinner when I was still in Manila. Please do take note that when Thais say SPICY, it literally means SPICY. The kind of spicy which gives your mouth that hot, tingling sensation and makes acids inside your stomach rumble. It was such an unforgettable experience. You can try their tom yum soup, it tastes a lot BETTER (don’t forget to say NOT SPICY. NOT SPICY with conviction if you don’t wanna regret it).

On my second day, I went to Damneon Saduak Floating Market. I didn’t go there on my own, though. I booked a tour from Klook for a hassle-free exploration of the city’s other side.

I only traveled alone around the city for 2 days ’cause I had to attend an international conference.

Anyway, below are some of the photos I took during my trip. Enjoy scrolling!

When you couldn’t take some nice photos lol

This experience has led me out of my comfort zone, and taught me how to be more unhampered and brave. Solo travel is something which is risky and it’s normal to get skeptical if you’re gonna dive into that journey you’re completely unfamiliar with. Yet, in all our lives endeavors, we all have to take that one baby step which could lead us to where we want to be, to paint our dreams and feed our passionate spirit, to open our eyes and marvel on what lies beyond our existence.

Just some advice for Filipinos like me who are planning to visit Thailand: NEVER CONVERT. The value of their money is higher than our country’s. You will end up not spending a single penny if you do so. That is actually the number 1 rule for us when traveling abroad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3D2N Negros Occidental On A Budget

I was able to spend less than Php6,000 for a 3 days, 2 nights tour in Negros Occidental! Inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, entrance fees, puv fares, and even pasalubong!


The New Bacolod-Silay International Province is the main gateway to the Province of Negros Occidental. Both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air offer multiple flights daily to Bacolod, the capital of Negros Occidental.

At the airport, you’ll find shuttle vans stationed just in front of the airport’s arrival area. Fare is Php150 per pax. The driver can drop you off to your preferred destination in the city, may it be the hotel, mall or jeepney and bus terminal.




I can only recommend staying at The White Hotel Bacolod since I have already availed of their service. You can check for discounted rates! ๐Ÿ™‚

Their twin room costs Php1,105 for 1 night and it is good for 2 pax. It doesn’t include a breakfast, but comes along with bathroom amenities, free use of wifi, tv access, and unlimited water. There’s a Php200 key deposit which is refundable upon check-out.

The White Hotel Bacolod was an ancestral house of sugar planters Raymundo Dizon Sr. and Hermilinda Ramos. It has been renovated with modern interior combined with the art collection (paintings, glass, many others) of its last resident, Brother Rolando R. Dizon of the De La Salle Brothers. Such an instagrammable hotel accommodation!



Address: #42 Burgos Avenue, Bacolod City

Contact Nos.: 63(34)7058869; Globe 63(927)2847544; Smart 63(921)8865723

Email address:




Located 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Bacolod, Mambukal Resort serves as a gateway to Mt. Kanlaon. It is being managed by the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental. The main highlight of the visit here is to trek the seven (7) waterfalls and to dip in the warm sulfur pool after the exhausting hike.

Entrance Fee to the resort is Php50 for adult, and Php20 for children 11 years and below.

You can check their website for more information and complete list of accommodational and recreational facilities:


How to get there

We went to Mambukal Resort on our first day. From the airport, we asked the shuttle van driver to drop us off at Libertad South Public Market. The terminal of mini bus going to Mambukal is located there. Fare is Php35 per person. Just be wary of bus conductors who would ask you to pay higher, don’t fall for the trick. The final stop of the bus is right in front of the entrance gate to Mambukal Resort.

Along the road, you will see a wide sugar cane plantation.

The Seven Waterfalls


The 4th waterfalls was inaccessible. By the way, we had a tour guide and his name is Kuya Bal Villar. You may contact him thru this number: 0915-0955-196. He also guides mountaineers who’d like to climb Mt. Kanlaon. Also, if you’re planning to visit the place during peak season, you can contact him and he can make a room reservation for you or your group.

Warm Sulfur Pools


I had an overnight stay at the resort with my aunt. We spent Php900 for the LGU cottage room. For additional pax, you can request for additional bed for only Php100. By the way, they don’t provide bathroom amenities and the place has poor signal (depending on the location of your room). Also, you need to pay Php200 for key deposit, and another Php200 if you’re going to borrow a towel. Don’t worry, it’s refundable upon check-out.


Going around

It’s very easy to roam around Bacolod City. For the places we visited, we rode the jeepneys with Bata-Libertad or Mandalagan-Libertad route. The regular fare is only Php7. But if you want to drop by SM City Bacolod, you need to ride the one with Punta Taytay signage. You may also book a ride thru grab, but I don’t really suggest it since theย  locations of tourist attractions in Bacolod City are close with each other.

Landmarks to visit

  • Provincial Capitol Lagoon and Building


  • Negros Museum – Entrance fee is Php80 for adult, Php50 for student


  • San Sebastian Cathedral


  • Bacolod Public Plaza



The Ruins is the remains of mansion which was burnt during the early part of World War II. It is popularly known as the Taj Mahal of Negros. If you’re a fan of LizQuen, you may have seen this in their movie entitled Everyday, I Love You. This was where Enrique confessed his love with Liza.


Entrance Fee is Php100 for adult, Php50 for student and Php60 for Senior/PWD, and Php20 for children below 8 years old.


Yes, a walking tour! If you want to make the most out of your visit in Silay City, you should definitely go on a walking tour! Several ancestral houses are scattered around the city. Three of these are converted into a museum which has an entrance fee of Php60 for adult and Php30 for student. All of these museums have their respective tour guides, who are well-educated about the history of the houses.

Some of the ancestral houses around the city


Cinco de Noviembre Marker


Balay Negrense



Hofileล„a Museumย 

Sir Ramonย Hofileล„a, the first Filipino who has modeled for a men’s magazine, the person who initiated the protest against road widening project in Silay City to save the ancestral houses, the uncle of the actor Rey Abellana, collector of artworks of famous artists in the Philippines, and one of the owners of the house, personally gave us a tour around the museum and share some of his amazing stories.


Bernardino Jalandoni Museum


San Diego Pro-Cathedral



Negros Occidental is one of the best food destinations in the country and there are a lot of restaurants which offer delectable menu. Some of the restaurants we’ve tried are the following:


There are actually several restaurants inside Mambukal Resort but we had our breakfast at Jean’s Place. They offer a wide variety of dishes, such as grilled seafood, chicken inasal, snacks, etc. Below is a photo of the food we ate, a typical Filipino breakfast.



If you want to try an authentic chicken inasal, this is the place to be! The food they offer are very much affordable, perfect for a budget-traveler like you and me!



This is a cafe which is famous for their cheesecakes. You really need to alot some budget if you’re planning to visit this restaurant. We ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake for Php85, a slice of mango cheesecake for Php98, a cappuccino for Php100, and a mocha frost for Php110. It’s pretty high-end.

They have two branches: 1 along Lacson St., and the other is inside Robinson’s Mall.



This is a food park located along Lacson St., Bacolod City. We were able to try the food from Kapihan sa Kilid Dalan. Their pancit molo and clubhouse sandwich were both tasty!



El Ideal Bakery is the home of the famous guapple pie, which tastes like cinnamon. They offer breakfast meals, snacks, lunch and even dinner. You can also buy some pasalubong from their bakery. Some are lubid-lubid, pilipit, pies, angel cookies, etc.

You can also leave your bags here before starting your walking tour around the city. By the way, you can access a map of ancestral houses on this website:



When we got here and saw the menu, we thought their food was expensive, but the wait staff informed us that it’s good for two. What a relief! They have generous servings ofย  delicious food at an affordable price.


Cafe 1925 is located beside, what they call, The Mansion. It’s also a restaurant but it has stopped operating. Below is a photo of The Mansion:



We were able to visit Pendy’s and bought their napoleones, a popular delicacy from Bacolod. I, personally, am not a fan of sweet delicacies, but this napoleones has become an exception!



10:35 am โ€“ ETA Bacolod-Silay Airport
10:45 am โ€“ Take a shuttle van to terminal โ€“ P150 (P300/2pax)
11:30 am โ€“ Lunch at Mang Inasal (Sorry ’bout this but it’s the nearest restau to the terminal)
12:20 am โ€“ Travel to Mambukal – P35 (P70/2pax)
01:50 pm โ€“ Mambukal Resort โ€“ P50
02:00 pm โ€“ Check-in at one of the LGU Cottages – P900/2pax
02:30 pm โ€“ Free time
07:00 pm โ€“ Dinner at Mambukal Resort’s Foodcourt โ€“ P150
08:30 pm โ€“ Overnight at the resort

05:30 am โ€“ Wake up call
06:00 am โ€“ Breakfast at Resort’s Foodcourt โ€“ P150
07:00 am โ€“ Start of back and forth trek to the Seven Waterfalls – Tip for guide: Php200
10:00 am โ€“ End of trekking
10:30 am โ€“ Dipping pool – P50 (P100/2pax)
11:00 am โ€“ Back at cottage for rest, bath and preparation for check out
12:00 pm โ€“ Hotel check out
12:10 pm โ€“ Travel back to Bacolod City – P35 (P70/pax)
02:00 pm โ€“ ETA Bacolod City
02:05 pm โ€“ Jeepney to Hotel – P7
02:10 pm โ€“ Hotel check in
02:30 pm โ€“ Late lunch at Chicken House – P150
03:00 pm โ€“ Buy some pasalubong at Pendy’s (few blocks away from the Chicken House)
03:15 pm โ€“ Start of Bacolod City Tour (visit Provincial Capitol and Lagoon, Negros Museum, San Sebastian Cathedral, and Bacolod Public Plaza)
05:00 pm โ€“ Grab some cheesecakes at Calea’s Pastries and Coffee
06:00 pm โ€“ Buy dinner at 9th Streat Foodzone
06:30 pm โ€“ Back to the Hotel

06:00 am โ€“ Wake up call
07:00 am โ€“ Hotel Check out
07:10 am โ€“ Grabcar to The Ruins – P189/2pax
08:00 am โ€“ Explore The Ruins โ€“ P100
09:00 am โ€“ Tricycle to Silay City – P250/2pax; Grabcar – P284/2pax; Tricycle then Jeepney – P116/2pax
09:30 am โ€“ Breakfast at El Ideal Bakery
10:00 am โ€“ Start of Silay City Walking Tour (don’t forget to visit Cinco de Noviembre Marker, Balay Negrense – P60, Hofileล„a Museum – P60, San Diego Pro-Cathedral, and Bernardino Jalandoni Museum – P60)
01:15 pm โ€“ End of Silay City Walking Tour
01:30 pm โ€“ Lunch at Cafe 1925 – P200
02:30 pm โ€“ Back to El Ideal Bakery to buy some pasalubong
02:50 pm โ€“ Shuttle van transfer to the airport – P50 (P100/2pax)
03:10 pm โ€“ ETA New Bacolod-Silay International Airport

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚


One thing you should never sacrifice for success

Interesting productivity article! Must read!

Hello, fellas!

I’ve been constantly reading very interesting articles from Mr. Zdravko Cvijetic, the founder of Zero to Skill and I want to share with you the most recent one which he just sent. It’s about the one thing that all of us should never sacrifice for success.

Hit the following link:ย

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